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100% Cotton wrap skirt with LEGEND OF THE FLAME TREE. Batik style art by Judy Flores and signed. One size fits most. Also available on island, at Framed, Etc or the George Flores Historic Center.


This Chamorro legend is about forbidden love between a two lovers whose
grandfathers had become bitter enemies, and this feud carried on through
the generations.  Elena's brothers learned of a secret meeting of the
young lovers, and waited to accost them.  As they waited, a wild pig
rushed towards Elena, and the brothers killed it, and went home happy with
their kill.  Elena fled, leaving her bloodied white mantilla on the
ground.  Nicolas arrived, and finding the bloodied mantilla under the
white flowering tree; and thinking his love had died, killed himself.
Elena returned from hiding, and seeing her lover dead, she took his knife
and killed herself, dying with Nicolas in her arms.  When their parents
found the lovers under the Atbot Det Fuegu tree, the blossoms had turned
to a fiery red.  Some say the blossoms blush red for the shame of the
families who kept the lovers apart.  This is the legend of the Flame Tree.

Printed: Cotton Wrap Skirt of Legend of The Flame Tree

SKU: F600-02-17Ws
  • We want you to be 100% satisfied.  You may return the item in its original condition within 10 days for a full refund.

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