Custom Art Originals


Judy Flores specializes in creating art to represent your vision or memory of the island. Contact Judy to commission your unique art piece
Shown here: "Patients as Partners" at the new
Medical City Hospital, Guam (30' x 12') by Judy Flores, 2015.    

Some examples below of Custom Art Originals...

Vintage batik on cotton, 1980s.
"Woman in Taro Patch"
Bobbi Fabellano bought this batik more than 15 years ago at a consignment/antique/fruit stand near Ellensburg, Washington.  It has been hanging in her dining room, and reminds her of her mother's first cousin Josephine Baleto Sablan Cruz from Santa Rita.  The batik is at least prior to 1990 when Judy started using silk fabric.  This batik is on cotton, entitled WOMAN IN TARO PATCH.  The frame is of woven pandanus made for Judy by Enigo Barcinas of Merizo, who passed away many years ago. (photo by owner).
Custom Art Mural for
Royal Building Systems, Inc. (Guam). 1996.
Custom Art illustrations for the book, Nana's Legends of Guahan, written by Dottie Wintterle, 1999.
Custom Art illustrations for the book, Nana's Legends of Guahan Volume II, written by Dottie Wintterle, 2001.
Custom Art illustrations for the book, Grandma's Love, written by Dottie Wintterle, 2004.
Custom Batik, Mr. & Mrs. John Edwards Wedding, 2007.
Custom Batik, Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Jackson Wedding, 2009.
"Alupang Cove"
Custom Batik for Mr. & Mrs. Gary Freeman to commemorate their wedding anniversary, 2011.
The slide show above, showcases the progression of Judy's work, as she completes the painting, ALUPANG COVE, from start to finish.
"Ancient Counsel of Spirits"
Commissioned by Guam Hilton Resort & Spa, 1993.
Located in the Junior Executive Suites, Guam.
Other batiks below also featured in the Jr. Excecutive Suites.
Custom Batik Art
commissioned by
Dr. Roger J. Kaneshiro, D.D.S.,M.S.,
From early 1990s - 2008.
Location: Dr. Kaneshiro's Office,
Tamuning, Guam.
batik on silk 72" x 36"h
Commissioned by Joe and Alicia Okada
as a gift for daughter Mia, Manny and
family, October 2016.
Judy's Batik Art, "Tumon Long Ago", 1999.
Located in the Lobby,
of the Holiday Resort & Spa, Guam.
"Tumon Undersea", 1998.
Located in King's Restaurant, Guam.
"Two Lover's Point by Flame Tree, Latte & Lusong"
Commissioned by Dean Borja, 2017.
"Undersea Fan-Tasi"
Wedding Gift, Kaleb & Michelle Kircher, 2018.
Vintage batik on silk, 1990s.
"Spanish Bridge"
Jim and Kathy Braun's daughter, had inherited, this lovely "Batik Sketch" on silk  from her in-laws, Pastor Richard and Fran Flick,  given to them by The Protestant Chapel Community in Guam as an anniversary gift, back in 1991. This particular “batik sketch” was done originally as a 14”x 10” painting on silk and was featured in Judy's 1989 calendar. The white lines were free-hand sketched with melted wax using a tjanting line drawing tool and the color was then brush painted. (photo provided by owner).
Vintage batik on silk.
In Shirley's Cafe, Hagatna

Debbie Lai sharing this photo of her husband George, holding the Batik painting of his mother, Shirley, of her standing in her first Shirley's Cafe on Soledad Avenue in West Hagatna.

Vintage batik on silk.
"Saint Joseph Catholic Church Procession"
340th Jubilee Art Print Fundraiser 2020

This year of 2020, St. Joseph Church in Inalahan celebrates their 340th year since the founding of the church in 1680.  To commemorate this event, artist Judy Flores created a painting for her parish of St. Joseph’s and produced a limited edition print to raise funds for the Jubilee celebration. 


The limited edition of 350 signed and numbered prints are now available at the St. Joseph’s Rectory Office for a donation of $100 each.  Each print, measuring 37”x 17”, is accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authentication that tells the story of the parishioners featured in the print.

Rectory Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am to 12pm and 1 to 5pm.  For more information or to reserve prints, call the Office at 828-8102.

Brian Leon Guerrero is the first to receive his prints.  He is flanked by office staff Annie Herron (L) and Father Joseph Anore (R). Submitted by Judy Flores 777-3488

If you have a custom Batik by Judy, that is not showcased in the archives, please contact us. Tell us about it, and be sure to send us the photo of your batik. We will include it here on the website!

More to be added soon...

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